Hi, I'm Shaun!

I am a UX Designer and Foresight Strategist based in Houston, Texas. I also founded and run an all-natural men's body wash line. I’ve published articles on economic and tech trends. I’ve created project concepts that solve user needs in the design space. I've developed long-term growth and foresight strategy solutions for small businesses.

My greatest assets are my willingness to go above and beyond what is required and my quest for enhancing and developing new skills in the workspace.



Things you should know about me


I am obsessed with details. I care greatly about the story and the impact of my work, whoever is viewing it.

Active Listener

I listen not only to obtain information but primarily to understand and empathize when I am communicating.

Read the room

Drop me into any space and I will quickly adjust. There are few personality traits that offend me, we are all just people in the end.

"Thank you for being a friend"

Working with me, one can always find a helping hand, a sense of camaraderie or simply comic relief. And yes, the title quote is from the Golden Girls.

Let's get connected!

I look forward to discussing my portfolio, design, and research solutions in more detail or simply having a conversation about the weather.


I am always open to new opportunities to exchange ideas, explore collaborations, and generate unique solutions.

Let's Talk!