Project Brief

I was asked to create a mock mental health platform that incorporated a few features that connect the user to self-help media, recommendations, counseling, and data-driven, user-specific health insights. Based on a preexisting persona Aryan, my challenge was to fully understand his mental health needs and obstacles. This would be followed by creating a platform that would offer various features to both inform and solve for the users’ needs.

   The Concept

I came across this melancholy male image while searching for a face for my initial conceptual designs. With the persona and user needs in mind, I decided to focus my project on men's mental health. The name of the product, Saudável in Portuguese means "healthy." I wanted to come up with a unique name and image for the project. As it stands, I am in the process of learning Portuguese which actually informed my decision to go with Saudável.

Deliverables >
Competitive research
Style tiles
Mid-fidelity wireframes
High-fidelity prototypes
Role: Designer
Timeline: Nov 2022 (1 1/2 weeks)

   Competitor research

> Tethr: Support networks for men to help fend off the loneliness and isolation many men experience.

> Talkspace: It matches people with a licensed therapist in their state and they can use text, audio, and video for communication.

> Most Influential

> Man Therapy: Aims to reach men of various backgrounds that use humor to cut through stigma and tackle issues like depression, divorce, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

   Visual discovery
After mood boarding some visual ideas, I created two contrasting style tiles. From the color to brand adjectives, these tiles represented divergent paths to take to build out this project. Referring back to the melancholy male image, I decided to build a framework around those characteristics.
> Name: Medoc

> Brand adjectives: peaceful, mood-regulating, and solace

> Process: Based on the persona, I wanted to create a visual that would be in opposition to the Aryan's negative mental health experiences.

> Most Influential

> Name: Saudável

> Brand adjectives: vulnerability, strength, and clarity

> Process: With Saudável, I leaned in heavily on the visuals. I wanted to present a more realistic experience for the user. One that is understanding and practical, while being less aspirational and mainstream.
This project did not require low-fidelity ideation as the mid-fidelity wireframe assets were already provided. My challenge was to apply UI elements to the screens.
The dashboard display health analytics and scheduling information.
The overlay tool allows the user to add mental health symptoms.
The resources screen allows the user to access mental health videos.
Applying the color palette and typeface.
   Final designs

> Reflection

My experience creating this mock project was very interesting. In the beginning, I struggled to find my creative footing until I came across the melancholy male image. That image inspired many ideas and paths for me to take.

> Next steps

While receiving plenty of feedback from my colleagues, it would have been more worthwhile to have a desirability test on the final Saudável style tile. In particular, I would have loved to gauge how users react to the melancholy male image.

I am always open to new opportunities to exchange ideas, explore collaborations, and generate unique solutions.

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